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Terms & Conditions of Karaoke server


These Terms & Conditions define the relationship between the parties of the Sale contract and/or License agreement, where on one side figures the company Bc. Petr Kostilek, ID No. 67331033, VAT CZ7509194275, based in Těmice, Street No. 311, P.C. 696 84, registered in the Trade Register of town Kyjov (Czech republic), Inset 370603-466710 as the seller (hereinafter referred to as "xgmidi") and on the other side, the buyer (hereinafter referred to as the "Buyer", it means end consumer) with a delivery address everywhere in the world.

By placing an order, the Buyer hereby confirms that he read these Terms and Conditions of which the integral part is constituted by communication prior to the self-conclusion of the contract, the complaints procedure and the Terms of Delivery the Buyer explicitly agrees with them in a version valid at the moment the order is dispatched, and understands the English version of these documents without any objection.

The Buyer is aware, that by purchasing products from the trade list of xgmidi, he does not obtain any special rights for the utilization of trademarks, market names or company logos, etc. of xgmidi or its contractors, unless otherwise stipulated by special agreement.


We offer you the opportunity to make purchases direct from your own home, from where you are able to make purchases 24 hours a day. It is simple and comfortable to place an order using a shopping Cart or buy song in first place from our web pages. It's no require to write Buyer address and telepnohe number. The Buyer e-mail address is needed for sending payed goods.


An order is accepted in the same time as the order was payed. Confirmation of the order will be sent by e-mail with download links of buyed songs in requested formats. Buyer payment comfirms the order and xgmidi comfirms it by e-mail with download links.


Buyer may cancel an order before payment in payment gateway. If payment of order is done Buyer cannot cancel the order. Download links are generated automatically after payments in short time interval without intervension of xgmidi.


When payment of order is done, e-mail with donload link(s) of ordered song(s) is sent in short time (usually to 5 seconds). After sending email Buyer has his download link(s) listed on webpages to direct download payed song(s). Buyer can download files in short time after payment directly from web or everytime after by clicking the download link(s) sent by e-mail.


It's not possible to exchange payed files with other files. Buyer can listen to an example of every song on Buyer can listen or see quality of offered goods (songs in one or more file types).

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